A Daily ‘Biggest Animal’ On Your Homepage!

If you enjoy this website, you’ll love this page. It allows you to add a ‘Google Gadget’ to your home page, so that each day you can see a short blurb about one of the world’s biggest animals. Here’s what it looks like :

How do you use it?

Click on the button marked “+Google”, and you’ll be invited to add the gadget (the thing you see above) to your iGoogle home page. Then, every time you visit iGoogle, the gadget will be there, showing you information about one of the animals featured on this site!

Not sure what iGoogle is?

iGoogle allows you to have a custom-build google start page. As well as the google serach box, you can add all sorts of gadgets as well – to show the weather, the time, news headlines, games, stock prices, and much more.

But what if I like the gadget, but don’t want iGoogle?

That’s fine! As you can see, you can put the google on any webpage at all. I’ll put instructions here soon. Stay tuned!