Scolopendra Gigantea

Scolopendra Gigantea centipede is also known as Peruvian Giant Yellow Leg Centipede or Amazonian Giant Centipede. It is the biggest poisonous centipede. It can normally reach to a length of 26cm (10 in) but at times it can even exceed 30cm (12in). It lives in the northern and western regions of South America and the islands of Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hispaniola.

It is carnivorous and feed on lizards, frogs, birds, mice, bats and tarantulas. It has 21 to 23 segments on its copper red or maroon colour body. Each segment has a pair of yellow-tinted legs which can walk very fast.It has modified claws which curved around its head. It uses that deadly claws to inject poison into its prey. You will get serious swelling, pain, fever and weakness if you  are bitten by this gigantic centipede. The good news is you are unlikely to die.

Although it is a poisonous creature, it is a popular pet. Females tends to be very motherly. She takes good care of her eggs. The young ones are very dark-red or black in colour. It is very thin and it has a big spherical red head. Like all other centipedes, it will molt repeatedly until it reaches an adult size.