The Atlas Moth – The World’s Biggest Moth!

Information About The Atlas Moth, Attacus Atlas

This largest of moths can be found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southern Asia, Southern China and it is a commonly seen moth in the Malay
Atlas moth - the largest moth in the world, and the insect with the biggest wingsThe Atlas Moth has larger wings than any other insect!
Archipelago, from Thailand to Singapore and Indonesia. They have the largest wing surface area of any insect – about 400 square cm (62 square inches)! In India, Atlas Moths are cultivated for the silk of their cocoons – They produce brown silk that’s a bit like wool. Their cocoons are used as purses in Taiwan! It is named the Atlas Moth because its large wing patterns look like a map.

The female Atlas moths are larger and heavier than the males. The wing tips are hooked and some say they look like a snake’s head complete with eyes, to scare off predators. Their bodies are hairy and small compared with their wings. They vary in colour, in various shades of brown. The female Atlas moth lays eggs. These eggs will turn into dusty-green caterpillars after 2 weeks. They eat the leaves of citrus trees and other evergreens. The adult moths will appear after a month.